The Secret to Freedom.

Lisa Ryce is an Energy Transformation Therapist who has dedicated the last 18 years of her life to transforming other people’s. She started as a personal trainer and sports/ remedial massage therapist, working with a variety of clients, including high profile actors and athletes. Recognising a common fragility, Lisa began to move towards the psyche and discovered how intrinsic the unconscious mindset is, when achieving personal and physical goals. Lisa then embarked on her own personal and spiritual path, rediscovering who she truly was in the process, and decided to take her life in a different direction in order to fulfil her own purpose. After training with the Tad James company to become a NLP Master Coach and Practitioner, Master Timeline Therapist (R) and Master Hypnotherapist, also studying Vipassana Meditation and becoming a Reiki Master, Lisa has streamlined her considerable skills to present to the world a unique, standalone concept which is truly life changing - The Secret to Freedom.