The Secret to Freedom Grose Wold Two Day Relaxation Retreat


For those days when you need to escape and reset…

Come and stay with us, at our technology free retreat in the stunning Grose Wold area. Come alone, or bring your partner for a beautiful, relaxing experience. Price includes Vipassana Meditation, Massage, Reiki and Spiritual Healing treatments. Experience sitting out at our fire pit,under the moon, and feeling the energies all around you as you de-stress and relax. Also included are organic, vegetarian meals which will be prepared for you, and which are designed to detox the body and nourish the mind. You will have sole use of our beautiful Guest House, and access to motivational and healing literature or audio books.

If you’ve been looking at some of our more intense retreats, this is a great starter option to slowly introduce you to what we are all about, here at The Secret to Freedom.